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St. Peter & St. Mary Community Welcomes Fr. Rumando Peralta

Father Rumando Peralta has deep roots in this parish. As a teenage immigrant from the Dominican Republic, he found community in his new country by faithfully attending Mass at St. Peter’s and participating in several important parish organizations. At first, he wanted to serve others by becoming a teacher, but then he received a calling to become a priest. He was ordained and celebrated his first Mass here at St. Peter’s.

His ministry took him to the village of San Luis in the Dominican Republic where he quickly demonstrated he was an exceptional priest. The community had been without a priest for nearly 60 years. Father Peralta prayed for patience and determination and set to work. He began by saying a mass for his parishioners where he continually stopped beginning with the Sign of the Cross and patiently explained each part of the mass to them. Soon a strong Catholic community emerged. He further helped his community risking his personal safety by calling out corrupt politicians who had stolen funds intended to be used to bring running water to the village.

Father Peralta knew San Luis was not alone. Many communities had no Catholic faith because they didn’t have a priest to lead them. He decided to address this problem by taking on an even more difficult task of starting a seminary that would train young men to be priests. With no source of funding, Father Peralta spent hours tirelessly fund raising and he also contributed his own meager savings to the project. Once again Father Peralta persisted and the seminary has already ordained 12 priests into an order called the Canons Regular of the Lateran.

And now the Lord has brought Father Peralta back to the community where he first felt his priestly calling. He has been asked to to continue Father Madden’s wonderful work by leading St. Peter’s-St. Mary’s diverse and faithful spiritual community.

Tuesday, Dec 12th @ 5:30PM
Religious Procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

📍 Starting Point: St. Peter’s School 21 Ridge Street

🙏 We invite you to be part of a beautiful religious procession honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. This sacred event will unite our community in faith, love, and devotion. Come, walk with us as we pay tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary!