Featured Notice announcing the new website

Welcoming You to Our New Church Website!

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

We are thrilled to welcome you to the brand new St. Peter & St. Mary’s Church website! As we celebrate the momentous occasion of our 175th anniversary, we are excited to share this milestone with the launch of our revamped website, a platform that reflects our vibrant faith community and provides exciting opportunities for engagement and connection.

A Celebration of 175 Years of Faith and Community

Since our founding 175 years ago, St. Peter & St. Mary’s Church has been a beacon of faith, love, and community in the heart of Rockland County. As we commemorate this significant milestone, we are filled with gratitude for the generations of faithful individuals who have contributed to the rich history of our church. Our journey has been marked by unwavering faith, enduring friendships, and the profound impact we’ve had on each other’s lives.

Excitement Over New Changes and Opportunities

With the launch of our new website, we are embracing the future with enthusiasm and optimism. Our redesigned platform features a modern and user-friendly interface that makes it easier than ever to stay connected with our church community. You’ll find the latest news, events, and updates right at your fingertips, helping you stay informed about the various ministries and activities taking place in our parish.

Your Feedback and Help Matter

As we embark on this exciting journey, we want to emphasize that this website is not complete without your valuable feedback and support. We invite you, our beloved community, to be active participants in shaping the future of our website. Your insights, suggestions, and ideas are invaluable in ensuring that our platform truly serves the needs of our diverse congregation.

How You Can Help

There are several ways you can get involved and make a meaningful impact on our new website:

  1. Share Your Feedback: We welcome your thoughts on the website’s design, content, and functionality. Let us know how we can improve and make your experience even better.
  2. Share Your Memories: As we celebrate 175 years, we invite you to share your cherished memories of special moments at St. Peter & St. Mary’s Church. Share photos, stories, and anecdotes that hold a special place in your heart.
  3. Spread the Word: Help us reach more members of our community by sharing the news of our new website. Let your friends, family, and fellow parishioners know about the exciting changes and opportunities that await them.

Accessing the Old Website

While we eagerly embrace the future with our new website, we understand that memories are precious. For those who wish to revisit the old website, you will still be able to access it shortly, at: old.stpeterstmary.us.

Join Us on this Journey of Faith and Connection

As we step into this new chapter, we are filled with hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. Our church community is built on faith, love, and the collective commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of those around us.

We thank you for being an essential part of our community, and we look forward to growing together, united in faith and love.

Explore our New Website Today!

Visit our new website at stpeterstmary.us and explore the exciting features it offers. Together, let us celebrate 175 years of faith, community, and shared memories.

In Christ’s love,

The St. Peter & St. Mary’s Church Family

Tuesday, Dec 12th @ 5:30PM
Religious Procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

📍 Starting Point: St. Peter’s School 21 Ridge Street

🙏 We invite you to be part of a beautiful religious procession honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. This sacred event will unite our community in faith, love, and devotion. Come, walk with us as we pay tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary!