Celebrating Together – Share Your Cherished Memories!

Hey everyone!

We’re super excited about our church’s 175th anniversary, and we want YOU to be a part of the celebration! 🎉

Over the years, our church has been a place of love, friendship, and faith for so many wonderful people – that’s YOU! And now, we want to cherish all the amazing memories we’ve made together.

Share Your Favorite Photos and Memories

Remember that special moment when you first walked through the church doors? Or that time you celebrated Confirmation with your friends? How about the heartwarming smiles during Sunday Mass with your family? These are the moments that make our church so special!

We’d love for you to take a trip down memory lane and share your FAVORITE photos and memories with us. It could be a silly selfie, a group photo from a church event, or anything that brings a smile to your face when you look back on it. 📸😊

How to Share:

Sharing your memories is super easy! You can either:

  1. Send us your photos through EMAIL: Just attach your photos and send them to website@stpeterstmary.us. Easy! 📧
  2. Post on SOCIAL MEDIA: Share your photos on Facebook and tag us. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #SPSM175th so we can find your awesome memories! 📸✨

Why Share?

By sharing your photos and memories, you’re helping us create a beautiful album of our church’s history. Your memories remind us of the amazing moments we’ve had together and inspire us to continue building a strong and loving community. Plus, seeing your happy faces will brighten up everyone’s day! 😄

Join the Fun

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to dive into your photo albums and dust off those awesome memories! Share them with us, and let’s celebrate our church’s 175th anniversary together with love and gratitude. ❤️

Don’t Miss Out!

The more memories we receive, the more wonderful our celebration will be. We will feature them on our website and share the joy with everyone!

Thank you for being part of our incredible church family.

God bless you all,

The St. Peter & St. Mary’s Church Family

Tuesday, Dec 12th @ 5:30PM
Religious Procession for the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

📍 Starting Point: St. Peter’s School 21 Ridge Street

🙏 We invite you to be part of a beautiful religious procession honoring Our Lady of Guadalupe. This sacred event will unite our community in faith, love, and devotion. Come, walk with us as we pay tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mary!